“Twenty years ago, ECCO was ahead of its time, with people in the office wearing what they were most comfortable in.  That is why there’s such a big focus on sneakers, we all wear them, so that’s what is reflected in our collection"

Thomas Maymann – Category Manager for the Men’s Collection at ECCO Denmark.

Fast forward a couple of decades and it’s apparent that a more casual workplace culture has emerged and not just at ECCO HQ.  The sneaker revolution is here to stay and with so many styles and leather finishes on offer, their versatility is endless. 

Our look is uniquely Scandinavian, with soft silhouettes, minimalist in design, contemporary in feel but most importantly constructed with refined premium raw materials and the craftsmanship of a shoemaker.  ECCO’s knowledge and expertise as a shoemaker, combined with innovation and leather tanning heritage, means that they are able to produce an array of styles and leather finishes that are comfortable, breathable and adaptable - high-tops, low-tops, lace-ups, slip-ons and even side zip openings.  

There are many options in ECCO’s unique leather finishes ranging from soft supple pebbled leather to sumptuous nubuck or for a premium dress-me-up approach look for patent finishes and celebratory metallic. 


Sneakers are subtly refreshed in every collection and this summer the floral print will appeal to those seeking feminine detailing.  Millennial pinks, muted tones and punched leather are also high on the agenda for 2018.

The perfect sneaker can elevate most outfits. You can still pull off a professional look but choose your pairing carefully and keep the look understated. Opt for colours that complement rather than stand out.  And most importantly always keep your footwear looking clean and bright. ECCO have developed a cleaning kit especially made to look after your rubber midsoles. The ECCO Midsole Cleaning Kit will properly care for and clean your rubber soles.


Sneakers instantly upgrade the cool factor in skirts and dresses. Whatever the length, elevate the look with the right sneaker type and colour.



Styling a masculine pin-striped suit with a low profile leather sneaker and simple detailing keeps the look feminine and relaxed.


For a classic tailored look try teaming a minimalist lace-up or slip-on with a pencil skirt or dress-trouser and blazer combo.





The latest development in ECCO's Shoe Care Range.

Properly care for and clean your ECCO shoes with our exclusive ECCO Midsole Cleaning Kit. This clever cleaning system makes it easy to look after your rubber midsole — the shock absorbing layer of material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe.

Simply scrub the ECCO Midsole Cleaner with either the soft-bristle or tough-bristle brush before wiping away excess foam with the gentle cleaning cloth wipes. Keep your footwear performing at its best for even longer.

This product is at it's most effective when used to treat the shoes regularly after purchase.