ECCO offers a One-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty on all ECCO footwear. We do exchange, replace or provide a refund for faulty goods, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ECCO manufacturing warranty, and the relevant NZ legislation.  DPS Retail reserves the right to inspect any shoe for determination of a no cost repair or replacement. If you should experience any defects in materials or workmanship simply return the product to the ECCO store of purchase for inspection, PROOF OF PURCHASE MUST BE PROVIDED to validate any claim.  Please note that the claim process requires the footwear to be returned for assessment, without receiving the product we are unable to activate the claim process.  After inspection you may be contacted with alternative options if your footwear is not covered under the Limited Warranty. 

It is important to note that this website and the ECCO stores listed on the Stores page are privately owned and operated in New Zealand by DPS Retail Ltd. We are not owned by ECCO directly and therefore we are not obliged to accept any shoes for inspection if they were purchased outside of our company.  

Wherever possible, items that were not purchased from one of our locally owned ECCO stores – see the 'Our Stores' page - should be returned to the retailer they were purchased from so a claim can be activated through the correct channel. 

However, in the event that this is not an option as the company is no longer operating, or the product was purchased overseas, DPS Retail Ltd will provide assessments and process any relevant claims accordingly. 

Items returned for assessment must be accompanied by proof of purchase, such as a receipt or bank statement, which provides the purchase price, date and place of purchase.  Any other relevant information that will assist in the claims process is also greatly appreciated.  

We will do our best to ensure the product is assessed as quickly as possible, but kindly note that items not purchased from one of our locally owned ECCO stores may take up to 14 working days to process. 

DPS Retail Ltd also reserves the right to contact the place of purchase in the event that the company is still trading in NZ, and this may prolong the process.  

While we do our best to provide assessments for all claims, please understand that if there is no proof of purchase or any reasonable information regarding the age or origin of the item, then the claim may be declined




ECCO’s One-Year Limited Warranty covers the following:
  • Stitching
  • All hardware – eyelets, hooks, buckles and ornaments
  • Quality of leather – inconsistencies resulting in premature wear patterns
  • GORE-TEX guaranteed to be waterproof for the lifespan of the product
  • Attachment of soles to upper and of components of soles to one another
  • Durability of outsole – will not deteriorate, crack, or split under normal wearing conditions

Not Covered

The following are NOT Covered under ECCO’s One-Year Limited Warranty:
  • Material failure caused by excessive wear, unreasonable use, exposure to caustic chemicals, extreme heat, alterations, or abnormal wear related to occupation
  • Stitching or hardware failure due to being caught, hooked, snagged or other abnormal wearing accidents
  • Leather not properly treated to keep from drying out or deteriorating
  • Any damage caused externally