ECCO Head Office Denmark



ECCO is a global footwear company that began it's story in Denmark in 1963 with 16 employees. Today, ECCO operates in 50 markets across the world and the global ECCO family comprises 17,000 members. Following a Scandinavian approach to shoemaking, ECCO shoes are designed to suit a balanced and active lifestyle.

The guiding force of the ECCO shoe making philosophy is to make shoes that are shaped to fit the foot, not the other way around. ECCO insist that their shoes follow the function of the foot and persistently innovate and create shoes that are softer, suppler and lighter. The core characteristic of ECCO shoe design is the capability of moving with the foot.

Our customers look for the quality, reliability and stylish comfort that is synonymous with the ECCO brand. True passion is the key to making great shoes and ECCO embraces this passion in revolutionary fashion. Unlike most other global shoe brands, ECCO operates its own tanneries and shoe factories enabling them to control the production process from start to finish.

ECCO employees are the heart of the business. Without skilled, loyal and hardworking employees, ECCO could not deliver the highest quality of great fitting shoes at a sensible price.

ECCO will always stand for affordable luxury. Find out more about ECCO below: