ECCO Exostrike Shielded Strength





Even when the terrain is raw, rugged and remote, there’s no need to forgo style. The ECCO EXOSTRIKE combines the full functionality and innovative, ultra-modern technologies of a fast hiking boot with the sharp, futuristic aesthetic of a street-smart sneaker.

A couple of the old preconceptions about hiking – that the pace can be slow and the styling is resolutely traditional – are ground into the dust by an outdoor platform that is among the highlights of ECCO’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection.





A union of apparent opposites combines the luxurious look and feel of premium ECCO leather, with the unprecedented strength of DYNEEMA® — creating DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER by ECCO: the thinnest yet strongest leather in the market.

When bonded with ECCO’s premium full grain and nubuck leathers, paper-thin DYNEEMA®, which is 15 times stronger than steel, forms a world-first, super strong, Ultra-Thin™ tumble-dried performance leather.

The secret of DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER by ECCO is rooted in a multi-phase development sequence — involving pre-tanning, bonding and finishing stages — that blends the characters of each material, to create leathers with strong, light, unbreakable performance, while still maintaining
its luxurious handle.



ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Technology ensures a finely tuned balance of cushioning and rebound, and creates an integral, flexible and durable bond.

The all-new P.U. material PHORENE™ uses  FLUIDFORM™ Technology to deliver an even softer, lighter midsole that can still perform in cold weather.

The ultra-light PHORENE™ increases the shock absorption and energy return of traditional MS.PU used by ECCO .



The collision of outdoor and lifestyle: The ECCO EXOSTRIKE™ is a fast hiking boot that combines fully functional attributes with streetsmart styling, and innovative design.

A ribbed midsole, matched with an eye-catching external P.U heel stiffener, and trail-grabbing rubber outsole, ensures secure hold on and off the track.

But the final addition of a range of specialised performance ECCO leathers — including the world-first DYNEEMA® BONDED LEATHER or GORE-TEX®-reinforced ECCO YAK leather — completes the package, delivering an outstanding wearing experience, with futuristic styling.





The DYNEEMA® Edition

Ultra-modern style comes with remarkable inner strength, with the uppers containing a fibre that is up to 15 times stronger than steel. The most unexpected pairings can lead to the most extraordinary results, and the fusion of ECCO’s premium, full-grain and nubuck leathers with  DYNEEMA® COMPOSITE FABRIC has led to the all-new DYNEEMA® BONDED Leather by ECCO, with a strength and tear resistance that is unmatched by any other material used in uppers. Combining that leather with the PHORENE™ midsole has created an innovative, lightweight shoe. The rubber outsole enhances grip, durability and confidence.  

The GORE-TEX® Series

Yaks have adapted to thrive in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, and the ECCO Yak leather is a strong, lightweight and water-repellent material that is ideal for boots to be worn by serious adventurers. With that premium raw material combined with GORE-TEX®, this boot will protect the foot from becoming cold and wet on the trail. This boot is wonderfully comfortable thanks to the PHORENE™ midsole, while the rubber outsole improves grip and durability. 


Lightweight, strong and naturally waterproof, ECCO Yak leather has the qualities needed for a fast hiking boot, with the HYDROMAX® technology making it water-repellent. The uppers are also crafted from ECCO Yak leather, a heavy-duty material that is strong, durable and water-repellent, and has a rugged appearance with its heavily-scratched finish. The ECCO EXOSTRIKE has the PHORENE™ midsole for dynamic comfort, as well as a rubber outsole with astounding grip and durability.


Using microscopic glass beads, suspended in the pebbled 'valleys' of the leather's surface, ECCO Shinebright reflects light brightly back, when shone at the same angle as the eye, increasing wearer visibility in traffic - heightened with a visually shiny protective topcoat that adds water-repellency.







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