ECCO Sculptured


ECCO’s ground breaking Sculptured Comfort Technology makes it possible to create a high heel shoe with an anatomical last, a very soft, comfortable sole and a soft, flexible heel.

The Sculptured collection embodies ECCO's core strengths, namely a combination of modern style and innovative comfort technology.  This achievement is possible due to ECCO's ability to use lightweight, flexible, anatomical DIP (Direct Injection Production) within a sleek, minimalistic and fashionable design. 

The ECCO Sculptured collection is also reflected in a stylish range of complimentary bags and clutches.



ECCO Sculptured


DIP technology with a unique DIP PU heel
A unique breakthrough in the direct injected heel, which gives superb shock absorption and comfort.

    DIP is the strongest way to attach an upper to the outsole
    Creates a watertight seal (no glue or stitching)
    This results in superior flexibility

ECCO'S Freedom Fit
The unique fit holds in the foot from heel to instep and gives your toes and forefoot room to move naturally.

Breathable leather lining and cushioned comfort fibre inlay sole

The natural breathable lining that makes Sculptured feel like an extension of your foot.

Soft, flexible PU injected outsole material directly underneath a comfort shank
The minimalistic look contributing to the sleek modern style without compromising comfort.

All the benefits of PU: Durability - Flexibility - Memory - Dynamic return energy.

 ECCO Sculptured Layers


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