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Inlay soles from ECCO feature advanced design for greater comfort. Breathable materials help ensure good foot health and comfort.  The ECCO Comfort Fibre System (ECFS) is the bottom layer of ECCO's removable insoles. The top layer can be made of leather, Poliyou®, or a combination of leather and textile.

A material specially developed by ECCO to promote improved foot comfort, our inlays have good air circulation. The material is open-celled so a 'pump' effect is produced during walking that increases the supply of fresh air to the feet, enabling them to stay fresh. It also has an anti-bacterial effect as the material neutralises the bacteria occurring in moisture and sweat, reducing any possible odour.

The shock-absorbing effect protects the lumbar region, coccyx and spinal column. The material is also soft and follows the contours of the foot when walking. It is a durable material so that it does not lose its shape or special effect as a result of use. It is also recyclable.



ECCO Shoe Inlays





The inlay sole is designed with leather, vegetable-tanned leather or a textile lining as the upper surface. Underneath is a soft layer of unique, moisture-absorbent foam - treated for long-lasting and effective control of bacteria and odour.

The pumping effect of the foam is activated as you walk - pushing air through the tiny holes in the lining to create comfortable air circulation around the foot. Super soft inlay foam conforms to your individual footprint and are removable, allowing orthotics to be fitted or insoles to be replaced, thus extending the life of the shoe.



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